Friday, February 19, 2010

Baby of Kangaroo

i Think this one is cuter than his mother............

My Kangaroo

I made this last week...............plz do comments...........

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Red Heel Sock Monkey Pattern

Picture of Sock Monkey Pattern - Tipnut.comI happened across an original copy from Nelson Rockford (including a like-new pair of socks attached, yay!). Who says there’s nothing but junk to be found at garage sales, hehe.
I made a copy to store on Tipnut, the full pattern is a single pdf file so you can download and save it for yourself if you like. The two page scan includes instructions for how to make a red heel sock monkey as well as the sock elephant doll.
Free Pattern File Download: Red Sock Monkey Pattern (pdf)

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Fat Rabbit

Since easter is only a week away I thought I’d give something back to blogland and give away the pattern for my fat rabbit for free!
Now a few years back I was selling this pattern, but I’m working on a whole new menagerie of patterns and I’d like to give this one to you. Fat rabbit pattern click here to download Now if you do take it I’d love you to leave a comment so I can stop buy and see what you come up with!
pouch diary
The new job is going well, to celebrate I made myself a document pouch and cover for my diary. now I really had more creative plans for this but I wanted to test out the theory first then maybe I’ll branch out into more intricate lines.
R’s Toe warmer is not going well, I’ve hardly touched it all week! I’ve had some very lazy evenings just reading trash novels to empty my brain of the days information.
5 quick things I love
  1.  The fact R. is taking me to The press club for my birthday on Monday.
  2. Getting Thank You emails form my bosses instead of abuse.
  3. Inside a black apple part of me has to have the black apple action figure.
  4. This little pendant
  5. The fact that my office is secretly sneakily trying to organise drinks tomorrow to welcome me without me realising.
That’s all folks. Hope you like the pattern and have a great weekend!

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Stripe-y Patchwork Cat

Well, here it goes, my first pattern — and it's free! It is completely untested and hasn't been edited, so any feedback would be great. I'm thinking of it as a group work-in-progress.
Thanks to Lisa for combining my pdfs into one neat download.

Stripe-y Cat Pattern Download

This pattern is copyright and the property of Green Kitchen/Michelle Russell. This pattern and project are for home use only, not for resale.Stripe-y Patchwork Cat
Stripe-y Patchwork Cat (front)
Originally uploaded by Green Kitchen.

Stripe-y Patchwork Cat (back)
Originally uploaded by Green Kitchen.

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Lucky Ducky Freebie

An original Nosey Nest Pattern.

© Copyright 2008 Nosey Nest. All rights reserved.
Please do not make money using this pattern.

Lucky Ducky freebie pic 1

In this post a little duck made a hippo happy by telling him how wonderful he is. Every once in a while there is somebody who could use some kind words too to make him feel better. So here's a tutorial for making a lucky ducky with a tiny pouch which can hold a nice note for somebody who really needs it.

The ducky in the tutorial is named Dunley. He is in the shop with his friend Henri.

Materials needed
- Felt ( three different colors are used in this tute; yellow for the duck, orange for it's beak and wings, blue for the little pouch ).
- A little scrap of fabric or felt for the heart at the pouch.
- Little black beads for the eyes.
- Some stuffing.
- Optional : some beads for decoration.

Parts ( download PDF )
1. Side ( cut twice, yellow felt )
2. Belly ( cut once, yellow felt )
3. Beak ( cut twice, orange felt )
4. Wing ( cut twice, orange felt )
5. Pouch ( cut once, blue felt )
6. Heart ( cut once, the little scrap of fabric )

Enlarge to every size you wish.

- Cut out all parts. You don't have to include a seem.

Lucky Ducky freebie pic 2

- Blanketstitch the two sides together from the top of the beak * to the tail *

Lucky Ducky freebie pic 3

- Put the tummy in. Blanketstitch from tail* to beak ** and then from chest to tail. Don't forget to stuff the body before you close it.

Lucky Ducky freebie pic 4

Lucky Ducky freebie pic 5

- Blanketstitch the two beak parts together from * to *

Lucky Ducky freebie pic 6

- Blanketstitch the beak at lucky ducky's head.

Lucky Ducky freebie pic 7

- Blanketstitch the little heart at the pouch and the pouch at the duck chest.
- Also blanketstitch the wings to the body. Leave the tips open.
- Sew on the black beads for the eyes.

Lucky Ducky freebie pic 8

- You might want to decorate your ducky with some beads.

Lucky Ducky freebie pic 9

- Your done ! Put a tiny note with some kind words in lucky ducky's pouch and give him to somebody who needs .....some kind words.

If you've made a lucky ducky with this pattern please add a picture to the Nosey Nest Tutorial Group at Flickr.

Have fun !

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Terry cat

Soft stuffed cat of terry cloth (pile cloth) of towel. It's washable.
Kitten of 
Height (to the crest) 17 cm


  1. Print Pattern out on A4 paper.

  2. Cut out.


  • Towel.
  • Buttons for eyes.
  • Polyester fiberfill.
  • Thick thread (for nose, mouth and whiskers).
You may embroider eyes instead of buttons.


  1. Unsew a side of a towel. The part without piles becomes the inside ears.
  2. Draw the patterns on a towel.
  3. Cut out them with seam allowance (5 - 8 millimeters).


  1. Sew the middle of the face (A-B). Sew the middle of the back (G-B).
  2. Sew up the face line include ears (F-E-D-C-B-C-D-B-F).
    Front ear is smaller a little than the back.
  3. Sew the tail and turn inside out.
  4. Sew the darts of groins.
  5. Sew the belly to the side of the body (K-L-M-N-O-P).
  6. Sew the back (S-R-Q-P), putting the tail between the hips (Q-R).
  7. Turn inside out.
  8. Sew the roots of the ears (C-E).
  9. Stuff with polyester fiberfill softly.
    You may stuff with plastic pellets in the paws.
  10. Close the opening with a thick thread.
inside outStuffed


  1. Embroider the nose, mouth and whiskers with thick thread.
    You may use any colors.
  2. Stitch eye buttons.
  3. If you embroider the eyes too, sleeping eyes are easy.
    Stitch the
 nose and mouthStitched eyes


  1. Stitch the head to the neck.
    Attach the

    It's easy, isn't it?

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